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a beautiful ballerina

October 23, 2011

This might be one of my favorite shoots of all time – it doesn’t hurt when you have a beautiful girl who wants to have some chic photos taken in her dance clothes, perfect light and a chic setting.  I was editing these photos this week in Peru and the little girl I live with saw them and said “she’s pretty – is she pretty on the inside?”  I answered – “even prettier”.  I feel like you have to know that about Natalie before seeing the rest of these photos – she is fun, smart, driven, energetic, down to earth and generally just awesome to be around {I miss her}.  She is one 13 year old who has a world wide open to her.  Natalie, thanks for a fun shoot!

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Five Golden Rings: Natalie

December 18, 2010


Christmas is a time of year that makes me feel warm and cuddly inside! I see myself and Best friends lounged on my couch bundled in blankets watching “25 Days Of Christmas” on ABC Family. I smell our bushy Christmas tree and the cinnamon ginger snaps we make every year that are absolutely irresistible! To me, Christmas and the holidays mean spending time with family and celebrating baby Jesus!!

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They laugh . . . a lot, and it is evident that this laughter is something that happens often in their home. They dance . . . it started out with just dad and his daughters, but the boys jumped in as well, in a mimicking way. They love . . . and their love for each other poured out into the entire photo shoot as I am sure that it does in the rest of their lives. This love was witnessed in an arm around a shoulder when they thought the photographer wasn’t looking, a quick kiss on the cheek in the spur of the moment, the support of what seemed like a crazy shot suggested by one of them (which by the way- I LOVE it when my clients have an idea for a shot, see photo below), and a comfort with and enjoyment of one another that my camera sought to capture. Mark, Diane, Ryan, Rachel, David and Natalie – thank you for letting me write a moment of your life, I had a blast!

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I remember being in elementary school and getting to watch sweet, adorable Rachel on Sunday mornings in our church's nursery.  While she is certainly still sweet and adorable, she has definitely grown up!  As you can see she's a gorgeous, full-of-life, joyful-hearted young woman.  We had such an awesome afternoon catching up on life as we photographed our way across the Channelside District in downtown Tampa.  I'm amazed by high school students like Rachel who are not only beautiful, but smart, driven, caring and passionate about life, friends, family, and future dreams.  I had the pleasure of getting to spend a week with Rachel in Bolivia during the summer of 2007 and loved seeing her heart touched by the boys we spent time with in the Bolivia Life Center Orphanage.  While Rachel is not yet a senior, she allowed me to "practice" a senior photo shoot.  Rachel- thank you so much for hanging out with me and for being such a beautiful model!  Can't wait to hang out with you again soon!  
PS…This photo shoot was inspired by my incredibly talented friend, Sharon Clark.  She's a North Carolina life-photographer who's committed to capturing the fresh, fun and real moments in people's lives.  I LOVE how she offers high school seniors the opportunity to have beautiful, self-characteristic senior portraits as opposed to the formal, boring, in-door photos they have to take for their year books.  Although Rachel is only a junior, this was just a fun experiment to see how they'd turn out and how I enjoyed the experience…over-all I'd have to say A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  (PS…Kenzo and my claim to fame is that we were Sharon's first wedding.  If you have a second, you should really check out how her portfolio has grown…she's inspiring!)

i LOVE rachel's smile in this photo.  she was laughing at herself after i told her to give me some model faces.  p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

i also love this photo of her…laughing at me because the wind at the top of the bridge made my wrap-around dress fly open and flash all of the patrons at jackson's.  she thought it was hilarious and once i realized i was missing the moment by trying to fix my dress; i quickly picked up the camera and snapped a few of her – still laughing her head off.
i love, love, love the playfulness of the next few shots:

okay…turn on "model mode" . . .

um, wow!

thanks again rachel.  you are such a beautiful, amazing girl!

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