Allie and Karl had a simplistically sweet wedding on Tybee Island, GA…a place near and dear to Allie’s heart since she and her family have been vacationing there since she was a toddler.  From the beginning of the day until the end when they were both in comfy clothes dancing with friends, what struck me was their relaxed nature and complete lack of anxiety.  They are incredibly in love and find deep comfort with one another and I think their photos reveal that.  In true Life Writing Photography style, we’re going to start with some portraits and then get into the day’s order of events.

Enjoy!  And congratulations Allie and Karl!allieandkarl002 allieandkarl003 allieandkarl004 allieandkarl005 allieandkarl006 allieandkarl007 allieandkarl008 allieandkarl009 allieandkarl010 allieandkarl011 allieandkarl012 allieandkarl013 Getting ready . . .allieandkarl014 allieandkarl015 allieandkarl016 allieandkarl017 allieandkarl018 allieandkarl019 allieandkarl020 allieandkarl021 allieandkarl023

Their first look . . . allieandkarl025 allieandkarl026 allieandkarl027

Their wedding party and more portraits . . .allieandkarl028 allieandkarl029 allieandkarl030 allieandkarl031 allieandkarl032 allieandkarl033 allieandkarl034 allieandkarl035 allieandkarl036 allieandkarl037 allieandkarl038 allieandkarl039 allieandkarl040

Their ceremony . . .allieandkarl041 allieandkarl042 allieandkarl043 allieandkarl044 allieandkarl048 allieandkarl050 allieandkarl051 allieandkarl052 allieandkarl053 allieandkarl054 allieandkarl055 allieandkarl056

Their reception . . .

allieandkarl057allieandkarl058 allieandkarl059 allieandkarl060 allieandkarl061 allieandkarl062 allieandkarl063 allieandkarl064 allieandkarl065 allieandkarl066 allieandkarl067 allieandkarl068 allieandkarl069 allieandkarl070 allieandkarl071 allieandkarl072 allieandkarl073 allieandkarl074 allieandkarl075 allieandkarl076 allieandkarl077

Their happily ever after . . .


This is just priceless.

More to come from this session but wanted to share this particular one for foto friday.


Haha…this is pretty much something that occurs daily in our house in these hot summer days.  SMOOTHIES!  (It’s a great way for us to fill their bellies and sneak in spinach, carrots, kale, avocado and other healthy goodies).  Love these days that are passing by so quickly.  And love this 1.5 year old and 3.5 year old little boys even more!

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I had the privilege of photographing Allison give birth to this beautiful baby girl, Riley.  I haven’t decided how much I will share of this most intimate occasion on the blog but this precious family photo seemed perfectly appropriate.  It seriously was an amazing opportunity to watch Allison and Justin welcome their first born into the world.  Thank you for entrusting me to be there with you!


Agh . . . beauty.  I tell my kids that God paints a different sky for us each evening . . . His work is incredible.