charleston to houston

October 5, 2017


We’ve taken a super long break from blogging because we moved!  This past summer my husband graduated from his residency training at MUSC in Charleston and accepted a fellowship year at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.  SO…along with our family of four, my business also made a move.  We only plan to be here for one year and then will settle into a location where he’ll take a full-time position.  For this business, who really knows what that means.  BUT…I have a lot of beautiful images to share and haven’t blogged in awhile so I thought I’d start with sharing these photos of our friends and colleagues that we dearly miss.  They were taken in downtown Charleston in February so little man has changed a lot but love capturing them in this moment in time.HoustonFamilyPhotos02 HoustonFamilyPhotos03 HoustonFamilyPhotos04 HoustonFamilyPhotos05 HoustonFamilyPhotos06 HoustonFamilyPhotos07 HoustonFamilyPhotos08 HoustonFamilyPhotos09 HoustonFamilyPhotos10 HoustonFamilyPhotos11 HoustonFamilyPhotos12 HoustonFamilyPhotos13 HoustonFamilyPhotos14 HoustonFamilyPhotos15 HoustonFamilyPhotos16 HoustonFamilyPhotos17 HoustonFamilyPhotos18 HoustonFamilyPhotos19 HoustonFamilyPhotos20 HoustonFamilyPhotos21 HoustonFamilyPhotos22 HoustonFamilyPhotos23 HoustonFamilyPhotos24

Charleston Family Photographer001Mags and I have been talking about taking photos of her two children and their families for years!  We FINALLY snuck a session in, capturing them in this city that they all love.  Enjoy these sweet moments between siblings, cousins, parents and children, children and grandparents, and spouses.  Oh, and congrats to my friend, Kiften – pregnant with a sweet baby boy – you’re glowing friend!   Charleston Family Photographer002 Charleston Family Photographer003 Charleston Family Photographer004 Charleston Family Photographer005 Charleston Family Photographer006 Charleston Family Photographer007 Charleston Family Photographer008 Charleston Family Photographer009 Charleston Family Photographer010 Charleston Family Photographer011 Charleston Family Photographer012 Charleston Family Photographer013 Charleston Family Photographer014 Charleston Family Photographer015 Charleston Family Photographer016 Charleston Family Photographer017 Charleston Family Photographer018 Charleston Family Photographer019 Charleston Family Photographer020 Charleston Family Photographer021 Charleston Family Photographer022 Charleston Family Photographer023 Charleston Family Photographer024 Charleston Family Photographer025 Charleston Family Photographer026 Charleston Family Photographer027 Charleston Family Photographer028 Charleston Family Photographer029Charleston Family Photographer031 Charleston Family Photographer032 Charleston Family Photographer033

Chelsea & Matt

May 7, 2017

Chelsea&Matt001Sharing just a handful of my favorites from Chelsea and Matt’s wedding at the Battery in downtown Charleston, followed by portraits throughout the historic district and a small reception at Tavern and Table.  One thing I loved about photographing their wedding day was their sincere affection for one another . . . laughing, crying, sweetness and pure joy all mixed into their love story.  Enjoy!
Chelsea&Matt002 Chelsea&Matt003 Chelsea&Matt004 Chelsea&Matt005 Chelsea&Matt006 Chelsea&Matt007 Chelsea&Matt008 Chelsea&Matt009 Chelsea&Matt010 Chelsea&Matt011 Chelsea&Matt012 Chelsea&Matt013 Chelsea&Matt014 Chelsea&Matt015 Chelsea&Matt016 Chelsea&Matt017 Chelsea&Matt018 Chelsea&Matt019 Chelsea&Matt020 Chelsea&Matt021 Chelsea&Matt022 Chelsea&Matt023

walking in sunshine

April 19, 2017

Kiawah Family Photos001 Kiawah Family Photos002 Kiawah Family Photos003 Kiawah Family Photos004Kiawah Family Photos005 Kiawah Family Photos006 Kiawah Family Photos007 Kiawah Family Photos008 Kiawah Family Photos009 Kiawah Family Photos010 Kiawah Family Photos011 Kiawah Family Photos012 Kiawah Family Photos013 Kiawah Family Photos014 Kiawah Family Photos015 Kiawah Family Photos016 Kiawah Family Photos017 Kiawah Family Photos018 Kiawah Family Photos019 Kiawah Family Photos020 Kiawah Family Photos021 Kiawah Family Photos022 Kiawah Family Photos023 Kiawah Family Photos024 Kiawah Family Photos025 Kiawah Family Photos026 Kiawah Family Photos027 Kiawah Family Photos028 Kiawah Family Photos029 Kiawah Family Photos030 Kiawah Family Photos031 Kiawah Family Photos032 Kiawah Family Photos033 Kiawah Family Photos034 Kiawah Family Photos035 Kiawah Family Photos036 Kiawah Family Photos037 Kiawah Family Photos038 Kiawah Family Photos039

lange farm wedding

Alexa and Eric got married last November and I had the pleasure of being the second photographer for the beginning of their wedding day (and their guest at the reception :) ).  The day and the bride, the setting, the details and their love for one another could not have been more beautiful.  I wanted to share their wedding day from my perspective…starting with their beautiful post-ceremony portraits and ending with a couple of shots that I happened to snap at the end of their reception.


Wedding Lange Farm002

Wedding Lange Farm003

Wedding Lange Farm004Wedding Lange Farm005 Wedding Lange Farm006 Wedding Lange Farm007 Wedding Lange Farm008 Wedding Lange Farm009 Wedding Lange Farm010 Wedding Lange Farm011 Wedding Lange Farm012 Wedding Lange Farm013 Wedding Lange Farm014 Wedding Lange Farm015 Wedding Lange Farm016 Wedding Lange Farm017 Wedding Lange Farm018 Wedding Lange Farm020 Wedding Lange Farm021 Wedding Lange Farm022 Wedding Lange Farm023 Wedding Lange Farm024 Wedding Lange Farm025 Wedding Lange Farm027 Wedding Lange Farm028Wedding Lange Farm026 Wedding Lange Farm029 Wedding Lange Farm030 Wedding Lange Farm031 Wedding Lange Farm032

Getting ready for her big day . . .Wedding Lange Farm033 Wedding Lange Farm034 Wedding Lange Farm035 Wedding Lange Farm036 Wedding Lange Farm037 Beautiful Lange Farm . . .Wedding Lange Farm038 Wedding Lange Farm039 Wedding Lange Farm040 Wedding Lange Farm041 Wedding Lange Farm042 Wedding Lange Farm043 Wedding Lange Farm044 Wedding Lange Farm045 Wedding Lange Farm046 Wedding Lange Farm048Wedding Lange Farm047 Wedding Lange Farm049 Wedding Lange Farm051 Wedding Lange Farm050 Their ceremony under the trees . . .Wedding Lange Farm055 Wedding Lange Farm056 Wedding Lange Farm058Wedding Lange Farm057 Wedding Lange Farm060Wedding Lange Farm061

Wedding Lange Farm059

Above photo taken by Chris Rushton

Wedding Lange Farm062

Above photo taken by Chris Rushton

Wedding Lange Farm063 Wedding Lange Farm064 Wedding Lange Farm065 Wedding Lange Farm066 Wedding Lange Farm067 Wedding Lange Farm068 The reception . . .before I put my camera away!
Wedding Lange Farm070 Wedding Lange Farm071 Wedding Lange Farm072 Wedding Lange Farm073 Wedding Lange Farm074 Wedding Lange Farm075 Wedding Lange Farm076 Wedding Lange Farm077 Congrats Alexa and Eric!  Love you guys.Wedding Lange Farm078 Wedding Lange Farm079